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Tina Cristiani Veder  &  Bruno Gonzalez 

 creators of the

A classical competition & educational platform that rewards and celebrates the elegance and grace of Baroque Horsemanship.  Our mission is the promotion and preservation of Artistic Horsemanship through education by training horses & riders in the principles & exercises practiced by the Equestrian Masters of the 17th and 18th Centuries.

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Tina Cristiani Veder

Bruno Gonzalez Parrondo

Coming from a well-known equestrian family, Tina has studied under many noted European Classical trainers throughout her life.  She established her farm, Caballos de los Cristiani, in 1986 and it became an internationally recognized breeding, training, and sales facility producing Champion Iberian dressage horses and selling to many of the top competitive US riders and trainers. Tina teaches, trains, does clinics, lectures, and demonstrations on artistic, classical riding.  She has written, produced and directed many national equestrian events.  She enjoys sharing the elegance of 18th-century horsemanship by focusing on the seat and aids of the rider to assist them in becoming more refined, effective and balanced with their horse.  During her lessons, Tina maintains a calm, uplifting, and gentle approach which helps her students relax, become centered, and open to receive.


A Baroque Horsemanship trainer & teacher from Spain, Bruno Gonzalez is an expert in the techniques and theory of Baroque Classical Horsemanship and its positive application to all breeds and disciplines.  From an early age, Bruno has dedicated himself to practicing, teaching, preserving and sharing the wisdom of the Baroque equestrian masters.  Recognized for his training program and curriculum, he is a treasured resource for modern riders wanting to learn the time-honored techniques of the old Masters to attain balance through collection.  He specializes in Iberian horses, but throughout his career, he has trained horses of all breeds, some to the higher movements of Haute Ecole.  With his kind, patient, and in-depth coaching, students & horses of all levels achieve positive and remarkable results making Bruno a highly desirable trainer, clinician & lecturer.

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