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Testimonials & Success Stories

~ Pam C. (Clinic Rider) 

“Tina and Bruno give wonderful, easy to understand points for the rider’s position and for your horse.  There are so many little details to learn, and it’s so helpful to have their words to take home and work on.  Each time I come, I learn more about what my horse needs from me in order to help him find that soft balance.  And I love the atmosphere of a supportive community of riders with the same interests and goals.  You want to come back for more!"

Erika Fleury

Tina and Bruno are very articulate, they are patient and kind and passionate about enlightening us on true classical dressage. I also enjoy the friendships I have made at these clinics and really feel a kinship to all who participate, auditors and clinic participants. I am greatly looking forward to the next clinic."     

~ Jeanne B

“My biggest takeaway was the improvement in the suppleness of the horses after having completed just some of the Patterns in the Classical Schooling Section -- it was wonderful to see.  I believe the Patterns are a college education all by themselves! But what I loved most about the whole experience was how calm and content the horses were throughout -- no stress, no tension, no worry -- everything was accomplished harmoniously.  That to me is the true goal of horsemanship.”

 Virginia Clinic Auditor, June 2012

“I got more out of this clinic than any other I have attended.  I learned so much about bringing the horse into true balance, getting him to come under in back and lift in front.  I got back on my horse this morning after not riding for weeks, thought of what Bruno was teaching… and had a wonderful first ride back.”   

~  Carol N. (Clinic Rider)   

“Bruno Gonzales is a wealth of experience and tact with horses and riders.  I appreciate the soft, non-forceful methods that resulted in optimal results.”

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