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New Dawn Equestrian Services. 


We start young horses, develop novice prospects, retrain older horses and help each one of them reach their highest potential, which often includes the movements of Haute école. Upon entering our system, every horse is evaluated, and a training program is set up to match their individual temperament, talent & physical abilities using the time-honored principles and exercises of the Baroque masters. All our horses are lavished with affection, encouragement & patience which creates a happy and generous equine partner.


Our Goal.

To educate the rider with reassurance & respect while progressively training their horse through patience using the correct schooling principles.  The result is two beautiful beings effortlessly and elegantly flowing together in an art of expression.


The information and training techniques that we share at our clinics is extensive, and it is our desire that everyone leave with a deeper understanding of this sharing. We use an excellent sound system, so all can hear, and we finish each lesson with a review and Q&A so everyone can partake in the learning experience.  Join us to experience the difference.  If you would like to host a clinic to bring Baroque Horsemanship to your area, we will assist you with banners, flyers, forms and internet promotion.

Equine Sales

Bruno was born in Spain and has been involved in training Iberian horses since the age of 16. Since 1986 Tina has devoted herself to the Iberian breeds. Her farm produced national champion horses, stood a number of top stallions, exported to Europe and Australia, and sold to a number of the top US & Olympic dressage riders. As trainers, the cornerstone of the breeding program was to produce the epitome of functionality to create a superb riding horse. With a lifetime of know-how and an extensive network, Bruno & Tina can help you to find your next equine partner.

Educational Lectures

Sharing and preserving the wisdom of the old classical masters is a passionate mission of ours. We offer numerous in-depth PowerPoint lectures on many topics of horsemanship. Our lectures cover everything from equestrian history to theoretical training techniques, and even how to access the gifts of esoteric riding & training through recognizing the higher spiritual relationship you share with your horse. 

Our 2017 Symposium on Classical Horsemanship at Voltra Farm Academy in Vernona, NY was approved as a USDF University Accreditation event!


After decades of experience running many aspects of the horse business successfully, we offer individuals or farms our professional consulting services. We can help to set up proven training & teaching systems, specialized breeding programs, sales, marketing & horse evaluations, event production, and horse appraisals.  The horse business is speculative and unique from other business models. If you haven’t ventured into it, avoid costly mistakes by getting expert advice before proceeding. We are here to help. Call us to discuss your needs.

Educational & Theatrical Presentations

Through the years we have produced and performed at many Educational and Artistic Events.  These are a few photos from past performances.

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